7300 Spreader Controller

The all new 7300 sets a standard in spreading technology. With software developed from the ground up and with practical farmer feedback, the 7300 delivers unprecedented flexibility and control over spreader operation together with an integrated USB facility and task control capabilities, “ready to run” or manual,simply monitor or fully automatic variable rates.

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A new standard in spreading technology

The 7300 is a truly 'GPS Compatible' system that provides both user friendly manual operation or fully automatic rate map control with GPS connected. All functions are easy to read on a large 4.8" colour graphic touch display with simple functions and a smart warning system to alert the operator on critical conditions. The system is designed for open compatibility and is field upgradable, so regardless of colour or brand, you can gear up your spreader with a complete control system that's ready to put your decisions into action precisely.

Variable Rate Control

The 7300 displays ‘live’ rates for each bin (maximum of two) which can be adjusted to suit varying soil types and maintains desired kg/ha when a change in speed is detected. Product rates & spread widths can be manually increased or decreased in pre-defined steps and any bin/spinner can be switched off or reduced to half rate at the press of a tile, saving costly wastage in poor soils and at headlands. When operating with GPS control, the 7300 adjusts rates automatically according to your prescription rate map on the USB device.



 Example System Layout 

A simple CANbus cable connects the 7300 cab module to the spreader control UniPOD, which regulates the metering drive.  A single UniPOD (or ECU) can be used to monitor ground & spinner speed plus control a belt & spinner via hydraulics or actuators. Metering control options include DC electric drive, electric over hydraulic drive or linear actuator control to adjust existing ground driven metering systems. The 7300 system can be fully integrated as standard equipment on several spreader brands, or as retro fit kits for many models of spreaders.