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FarmscanAg’s flagship GPS guidance and precision Ag product combines many of the tasks you need to maintain an efficient and hassle-free operation.
From Free-to-air, 4cm TerraStar-C, 40cm TerraStar-L, and RTK +/- 2cm pass to pass, year to year, we have a repeatable option to suit your needs. With AgGuide you can start at any level then simply add components to control your sprayer, air seeder, spreader, planter, cultivator or harvesting machinery all at minimal cost and all compatible in one system.
Our software is truly unique. Working on the Windows x86 platform, AgGuide can be installed on any tablet or rugged PC. See our Hardware compatibility table below. AgGuide is also available to download as a demo for you to trial.

On-screen visual guidance, as well as steering wheel motor and full ISO-CANBUS and RTK cm accuracy hydraulic auto-steer are expertly implemented, allowing for broadacre, inter row sowing and controlled traffic row crop operations. CORS/NTRIP and Radio corrections are fully implemented for RTK accuracy. Racetrack, contour, parallel, and pivot guidance are all included.


All mapping data is retained indefinitely allowing for full record keeping of all in-field, sowing, spreading, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting operations, as well as printing, area and product cost analysis. Easily copy data to your office computer to view, zoom in, and print all maps. Multiple map layers can be overlayed for comparison.


AgGuide allows for recording, storage, analysis, printing and record keeping for a virtually unlimited (depending on memory and storage) number of farms, fields, jobs, field perimeters, run-lines, marked points, spray and weather data, coverage and elevation maps. On-screen and audible notification of important upcoming obstacles (e.g trees, rocks,poles, perimeters) reduces the risk of in-field collisions.


FarmscanAg was amongst the first in the industry to provide automatic boom section control – reducing chemical usage and overlap or underlap. Rate control provides fingertip regulation of application rates.


FarmscanAg’s highly-respected VRC solution into AgGuide allows rate control of up to 4 products including on-screen fingertip control. Speak to one of our dedicated sales staff today about how your farming tasks can be made easier, more cost effective and productive.


AgGuide provides a comprehensive system to control a grader blade/bucket to replicate and improve upon standard laser levelling tasks – at a fraction of the standard cost and hassle.

Single planes can be easily marked with three points, or a combination of points and defined slopes.

With the use of companion software or design services, full-multi-plane cut-fill maps can be used with powerful coloured on-screen mapping including contour profiling. Contour banks are also easy to make.


Focus your high accuracy farming where it matters most - at the implement – using our first in the industry implement control system.


Want to bring your own GPS? No problems.  Simply program your receiver to output the following strings:

  • GGA at 5Hz
  • VTG at 5Hz
  • GSA at 1Hz
  • GSV at 1Hz
  • GST at 1Hz
  • ZDA at 1Hz
  • Baud Rate of 115200

The AgGuide software currently receives: GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou


We recommend AgGuide runs on the following minimum specifications : 
  • Windows Operating System
  • 1.8Ghz CPU (x86)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB HDD
  • 400Mhz Video
  • 2x USB Port or
  • 1x USB & 1x RS232 Port  

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