Wireless Seed Blockage Monitor

1025 Wireless Seed Blockage Monitor

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Blockage and flow monitoring systems are essential to get good airseeder performance. But technical limitations and durability problems can quickly limit their profit-maximising potential. Optical sensors get covered in dust and residues. Wires can be pinched or come loose. Inaccuracies multiply as the system endures the harsh reality of the field. Then you’re flying blind again. Not anymore. The 1025 Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor takes a different approach...


It pays to listen - hear the problem.

Our sensors function like a stethoscope, resulting in a more durable solution for real seeding conditions.

As seeds leave the manifold, they impact a stainless steel membrane, creating small pulses of sound. These pulses are monitored by the electronic control unit (ECU), and information is relayed wirelessly to the cab where it’s displayed on an Apple iPad.

See the Problem.

Once the information is displayed on your screen, you get a clear, complete view of your air-seeder’s performance, whether it’s flow levels or flow variance from manifold to manifold. If there’s a blockage or even a decrease in flow, anywhere in the system, you’ll know.

The capture function allows you to analyze data and tune your seeder for maximum performance.

The key difference between most monitors and the Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor is its use of patent-pending acoustic sensors. These sensors instantly detect blockages or reduced seed flow, anywhere on the seeder.

It's Simple.

Monitor flow levels, flow variance and blockage with one simple solution.

Easy to install: The system is easy to install on new or existing air seeders. Most of the kits we sell are installed by the growers who bought them.
Easy to use: Visual and audible alerts let you know which runs on which manifolds need attention. One screen contains all the information you need.

It's Flexible.

The Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor gives you options for unique operations - whether you want to use the system with multiple product types and rates; dry fertilizer applications, including deep banders and strip-till units; or dual-shooting and mid-row banders. With multiple sensor options, the system easily adapts to fit nearly any rig or application.

In the cab, your iPad makes a highly versatile in-cab monitoring solution. If you’re not watching your seeder, get weather info, commodity prices, or check in on other parts of your business.

It's Reliable.

Because the system doesn’t rely on optical or electromechanical technology, you’re better protected from the dust, debris and residues that are an accuracy-killing fact of life on the farm.

The vast majority of failures in seeder monitors involve a wire problem. So we eliminated the wires between the ECU and display. Wi-Fi technology and robust rubber tubing take bad connections out of play and bring your productivity to new heights.