Seed Blockage

1020 Airseeder Blockage Monitor

Including 6 Heads

    $2,570 +GST

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No more costly unsown strips.
Great for seed and super!

Day or night there’s no need to continually check the machine. The 1020 monitor warns you before major blockages end up costing you time and money!

The result is much less downtime, faster seeding and complete peace of mind.

Its patented Red Eye sensors are a proven performer with hundreds of systems in operation. It can pay for itself fast!

How it works

Fully sealed impact sensors equipped with bright red lights (LED’s) are bolted to each secondary distribution head.

Sensors are then interconnected on a simple partyline cable that runs across the implement, avoiding the need for messy separate wires to each sensor.

As material flows, the sensor listens to the sound level according to sowing rates of seed and fertiliser, all the operator adjusts is the sensitivity control until the cab warning light remains just off – simple as that.

A drop in flowrate or blockage at any secondary head will activate the LED at the sensor causing the cab alarm and warning light to activate.

By switching to Hold, the operator can freeze the system and a quick inspection of all sensors will immediately pinpoint the problem.

The 1020 assists in picking many other problems with airseeders such as fan too slow or not engaged, disconnected and blocked primary hoses, lids not properly shut, empty bins, broken drives etc.

Optional Low Bin Sensors are available for connection on the party line system to give early warning on low bin levels.

Kit comes standard with 1x 1020 Monitor & 6 Secondary Headsensors. Maximum of 12 per 1020 Kit.

    • 1020 Airseeder 6 Head Blockage Monitor Kit
    • $2,570 +GST