Electronics to Steer, Map, Monitor, and Control

Spraying, Spreading, Planting, and Harvesting Machinery 


Welcome to Micro-Tech Electronics

Authorised New Zealand Sales and Service Agent for all Farmscan products


Since 1991, we’ve been the only Authorised Service Agent for Farmscan and FarmscanAg products throughout New Zealand.

We're also the Authorised New Zealand distributor for the complete range of Farmscan electronic products for steering, mapping, monitoring, and controlling all kinds of spraying, spreading, planting, and harvesting machinery.

Our product range includes the popular multifunctional Jackal monitor and controller, which can be used as a 1, 2, or 3-section spray controller, an area meter, tachometer, flow meter, rate monitor, batch meter, counter, wheel slippage monitor, pressure or temperature monitor, implement depth monitor, bin or tank level monitor, and more...

Other products include hay and grain moisture meters, seed blockage monitors, Polmac and Geoline flow sensors and control valves, camera monitoring systems, LED lights, portable weigh scales, monitors and controllers for sprayers, seeders, spreaders, and harvesters, GPS precision farming systems from basic guidance and mapping systems, right up to full vehicle and implement auto-steer systems and variable rate control (VRC).

We carry a wide range of these products, spare parts, sensors, and accessories in stock, and the full range of Farmscan products is available on confirmed orders.

Micro-Tech Electronics

New Zealand-wide Sales and Service for the full range of Farmscan products, accessories and spares.

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